Enhanced Referencing Study Guide

X47,48.Ps 49:15

LARGE CONTEXT MARKERS (X-.) precede the cross-reference, to identify the reference context, from the text itself. The reference should be considered in this context before comparison with the cross-reference that is offered. Often, this will make a train of thought apparent.

Ps 18:6x4-7

SMALL CONTEXT MARKERS (x) follow the cross-reference, to indicate it's broader context. The cross-reference should be considered in this context when compared to the reference.
....Contexts illuminate the concepts, principles, attitudes or motives that accompany a point, and help delineate a train of thought. This will be comparable to the train of thought in the text.
....Small context markers may also be used in sequence to show a broadening train of thought.

[Prov 11:26]

CONCEPT MARKERS [ - ] enclosed between brackets, indicate a passage similar in concept to the referenced passage in the text.

Is 58:6,7 (8,9)

EXTENSION MARKERS ( - ) represented by parenthesis, indicate the ensuing wisdom of the cross-reference; the next step in the train of thought, the result or consequence of this wisdom in its application. Often, they show the final bearing of this wisdom on the day of judgment.

<Ps 25:20,21> or, Is 1:27<28-31>

CONTRAST MARKERS < - > represented by less than/greater than brackets, indicate another perspective to the wisdom in the text. They are "the other side of the same coin."
...These brackets indicate the nature, meaning, result, or consequence, of departing from the wisdom in the text, or applying it in an opposite way.

Ps 19:7/Ps 60:7/Gen 49:10

COMPARISON MARKERS / represented by slash marks, are used when two or more verses should be considered together as a cross-reference, before equating them to the reference. Comparison Markers often introduce syllogisms.

*Jon 1:17
SYMBOLISM MARKERS * represented by an asterisk, indicate picture prophecy, often from the life of David (Isaiah 55:3,4) or the life of Moses (Deuteronomy 18:15).
....Picture prophecy occurs when prophecies are performed, symbolized, or foreshadowed, rather than being spoken.


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    -Ps 25:20,21- or -Is 1:27-28-31-

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