....Through the writings of the apostles the story of Jesus’ passion has become well known, yet His own perspective remained hidden throughout the ages: "I will no longer talk much with you," said He, "for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me." 1
....In the events that followed, as His sufferings began, Jesus faced great distress, isolation and pain, yet He remained silent before His accusers. But in His heart He mused, and His thoughts were passionately searching: 2.

.... "I was mute with silence, I held My peace even from good; and My sorrow was stirred up. My heart was hot within Me; while I was musing, the fire burned."

(Psalm 39:2-3)

.... Through the prophets of old, by the spirit of Christ who was in them, the sufferings and glories of Christ were foretold in detail. Of this they made diligent inquiry, searching to understand those things that were indicated to them. So poignant was the understanding they received, so deeply moving was their revelation, so profound was the impact on their very own souls, that much of their prophecy was rendered in first person. 3
....Through the same Spirit who searches all things (yes, even the deep things of God), and who shows us the mind of Christ, this presentation reconstructs Jesus’ thoughts in those final hours, in the context of the Old Testament prophecies that foretold them. For the benefit of the reader, summaries and Scriptural references have been included by hyperlinks in each section. 4
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